Tag: Hope

The Mystery of All Times

At some point in one’s life, a person become cognizant that there is something off – that they may be a good person, but that it isn’t enough in the grand scheme of things. They begin to recognize sin. Sin means “missing the true goal and scope of life; offense […]

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Why Not to be Afraid

There should be a definite contrast in the hearts and lives of Christians compared with those who have not yet believed in Jesus. Christians have a great confidence (a hope) as we live in this lost world. On the other hand, the lost (those apart from Christ) may be fearful […]

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Our Blessed Hope

Have you ever been discouraged in your Christian walk? Do you feel like you are standing for the truths of God’s Word on your own? Have you shared the Gospel message with someone only to have them reject the offering of Salvation? Does that mean it is pointless to continue […]

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