The Word of Our God

The grass withereth, the flower fadeth: but the word of our God shall stand for ever.” Isaiah 40:8

 The Bible is the Word of God. It has been preserved for us to read, but very few people read and understand what the Bible has to say to us today. 

According to most statistics, young people are growing up and leaving the church and faith in God by the droves. The main reason can be found in the lack of knowledge and understanding of what one believes about God and why. There is a mighty gulf between the level of spiritual training in children, youth, and even adults, and the knowledge one needs to live in today’s world.  

Growing up in a Christian home is no guarantee that one understands the Bible or how to live a Christian life. Being saved as a young child, I learned many Bible “stories,” but it wasn’t until later that I began to understand how all of these stories fit together. My parents had a book of pictures revealing a timeline throughout Bible history. It helped me begin to understand how all of those “stories” were connected together. It also helped me begin to see that Jesus was planned from the beginning of time to redeem mankind because of sin. I wanted to know and understand the Bible, so I began to study.  

The most important thing about studying the Bible should be to learn the basics of the Biblical interpretation and how it should be applied to our lives. A good Bible study needs to be more than a compilation of “stories” we have always heard. The word “story” even brings to the hearers’ mind that they are make-believe. Many people don’t really understand that the Bible is not just a compilation of popular Bible “stories” or favorite Bible passages. The Bible is not full of “stories” but real events in real people’s lives. Children, as well as adults, need to understand that each of these events all fit together as part of a bigger picture – much like pieces of a puzzle. Not only do these events interlock, but they have a purpose: to reveal Jesus and why He came.  

All people, especially children, are capable of learning so much more. The Biblical Path of Life is one such study meant to simplify the understanding of the reader and making the Bible relevant to a Christian’s life — young or old — by comparing Scripture to Scripture. The most important thing one can understand is just how important their Bible is. One needs to learn how to take care of their Bible and become familiar with it. Everyone should understand the importance of reading God’s Word! Even beginning readers should be encouraged to read their Bible. At first, even the youngest readers will be hesitant to read. But with a little encouragement and help, they can become excited about reading their Bible. Each week they can become a little more proficient at reading, and that fact will encourage them greatly. No one is too young (or old) to begin to love the Word of God or to learn the principles found within God’s Word!  

The Bible means nothing to us if we do not apply the principles within to our lives to become more like Christ. In order to understand how to live a Christian life pleasing to God in the world today, we must first know what His Word says. 

Have you taken time to read your Bible today? 

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  1. If only we mortals knew the power of the Word of God in a life submitted to God! We must hide it in our hearts! Appreciate your reminder.

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