Lesson 9 (Lesson 22): Numbers 1-19: Wandering in the Wilderness

Key Verse

“Take heed, brethren, lest there be in any of you an evil heart of unbelief, in departing from the living God.”  Hebrews 3:12

Read today’s key verse with your class, helping them to understand it.  Take heed means to beware, or pay attention to.  Christians need to be careful to not have an evil heart (means any form of evil) that would cause them to quit believing in God or His ways.  Today we see where the people “depart” from the living God.  Anytime a Christian chooses his will over God’s, he has departed from God.  This verse was a warning.

Summary:  The name Numbers comes from a numbering of the people at the beginning of the book and then again at the end.  These were two different groups of people.  Today we look at the old generation, and the many troubles they caused Moses.  When the 12 spies were sent into the land (the land promised to Abraham), only Joshua and Caleb brought back a good report claiming God would allow them to conquer the land.  When the Israelites disobeyed God’s command to cross over into the Promised Land, they were disciplined.  The old generation would wander in the wilderness and die, not entering into the Promised Land — all because they refused to obey God’s command.   Joshua and Caleb were the only ones allowed to survive and enter the Promised Land.

Within we also find more murmurings of the people and their discipline.  Less than 40 years elapsed during the book of Numbers.  Throughout Numbers, we will see God guiding, providing for, and protecting His people in spite of their constant heart of unbelief.  God stayed with them even when they departed from Him and His Words.

Encourage your students to bring their Bibles and use them!

Emphasis:  Today we will see the children of Israel have a heart of unbelief and depart from the plans the living God had for them.  We must believe God’s Word, or we will spend our lives wandering – just like the children of Israel did in the wilderness.


Optional Worksheets to be downloaded:

Lesson 22 – Volume 1 Children’s Worksheet

Lesson 22 – Volume 1 Reinforcement Worksheet


Ideas for children:

Stickers always work well with children. Often times I watch Wal-Mart or Oriental Trading Company for specials or deals on things I can use for crafts for Sunday School (i.e. foam sheets, Bible Story scene stickers, crowns, stick on jewels, construction paper, etc.).  I keep a stash and when I need something, I go search in my stash!  Pinterest always has great ideas!

You could have a coloring sheet that goes with the lesson.

One idea for today’s lesson:  (See picture below).  I printed copies of the verse (Hebrews 3:12, today’s Key Verse) that would fit in the frame for today.  We took the foam frame and glued the verse into it.  Since it was a heart frame and the verse spoke of the heart, we covered the frame with lots of small heart stickers.  Use your imagination!  Sometimes I would stick a small magnet on the back so they could be put on their refrigerator at home.  Other times I would just glue a small loop of a ribbon so they could hang it up somewhere.


Mural idea:

Refer to the wall in your classroom that has become a mural.  Today, help them recognize the importance of following God’s will.  The people could have entered the land if they had only trusted God and obeyed Him.  Have them write out the verse Hebrews 13:17.  Encourage them to remember to apply this verse to their lives – always submitting themselves to their authority (i.e.: especially emphasize God, parents, pastor, teachers, policemen, etc.).

Have them each add anything else they may have brought to add to the wall.  Encourage everyone to participate.

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