Why This Study?

From a friend and Sunday School teacher about The Biblical Path of Life:

I was searching for a church home. Day 1 at Rehoboth Baptist Church the Sunday School teacher was teaching Isaiah, overview style. I fell in love with the Sunday school Bible study (The Biblical Path of Life). For the first time in my entire life I was looking at the Bible as a whole and learning how it all fit together. So simple, so incredible to realize these prophets were speaking to the Kings of their day, some prophecies would come to pass before their eyes and others would come to pass hundreds of years later. All of God’s Word through the prophets would come to pass and we could study the history in the Bible and see fulfillment!

I love learning the books of Moses in Sunday School.  The Sunday School curriculum mentions over and over “These are familiar stories so let your class tell you what they remember”. Sometimes the children don’t remember near as much as I thought they would, and it’s a wonderful springboard to delve into what the Bible says and meet them exactly where they are. Other times, I’m exhilarated with details they remember so clearly and can explain correctly. It lets us spend more time on a “deeper path”. I love the “Deeper Path”, there are always connections with the OT to NT and vice versa. We see the Lord Jesus everywhere in the Bible!

Just last week studying II Kings, I was delighted to realize that Elisha cried out “My father, my father, the chariot of Israel, and the horsemen thereof” when Elijah was carried up to heaven;  King Joash of Israel cried the same thing when Elisha was dying. The Sunday School lesson brought that out so clearly because it always makes it easy to see the big picture. And yep, I’m sorry to say it wasn’t on my mind at all when I read it in the Bible. And when I saw it in the Sunday School lesson I was so taken by it. It made a huge impact on me, my study, and teaching the lesson.

After worshiping on Sunday morning, my family talks about the Sunday School lesson. Each of us have had an encounter with the Lord in His Word. The classes teach the same chapters of the Bible and yet each class has a take-home message individually tailored to their level of understanding. Only the Lord could give us written communication easy enough for a child to understand, hard enough to challenge an educated adult all the days of their lives, and impossible for the unbelieving. This 3 year Bible Study for children and adults has blessed my family! We all grasp the difference between OT and NT. Young and adult all have been taught and understand how the Bible fits together.

I love the easy-to-read formatting in the Sunday School guide. It’s clear and concise… Each lesson is organized into a few main points with key verses explained. These lessons are Holy Spirit led. There is just no other way a book of the Bible could be summarized so simply and yet so completely… The memory verse each week really summarizes the heart lesson of the Bible study.

This 3-Year Bible Study program (The Biblical Path of Life) is a breath of fresh air amidst the typical swirl of bible stories lacking connection to God’s word as a whole. My own daughters ages 14 and 12 have gone through the Bible from cover to cover three times. It has helped them to be discerning when they hear someone talk “Bible” out of context. They get a very fast sense that something is not right – because they’ve been studying the Bible and receiving sound teaching. Movies are the worst! There is always some character misrepresenting God with their words – a person who has studied the Bible can spot it.

I love the question books that accompany the children’s Sunday School. The questions are easy to answer because the verses to read for the answer are printed with the question; but the questions help them to go back to the Bible and meditate on these verses. It prepares them for Sunday School class. Every class member has had a full week to be just as prepared as the teacher – that makes for a wonderful Bible study and fellowship!

… I love having the Dispensational chart on wall while going through our Bible study. It makes it so easy for everyone to see God’s timeline; to see man’s constant failures to live up to God’s standard. It’s almost jovial to consider that mankind is still trying to prove they can get better and better … and we just fail over and over anytime we try to do it apart from Jesus Christ. The red line showing the human family tree up to Jesus Christ, God in the flesh, takes preeminence on the chart. That’s a theme taught by the Bible lessons all the way through. The Dispensational chart is just a fantastic visual aid. I especially love to see how the Day of the Lord does begin in darkness but there’s joy seeing the saints being drawn up in the clouds to be with our Lord. I use the chart every single week while studying Genesis. Children find the pictures helpful. I’m a forty-something and I find the pictures immensely helpful! The overview in the lessons of Dispensational Truth sets the stage for “getting it” – how the Bible fits together and what the Lord is doing.

…  I never spent the hard study time on law and prophets until this SS program. Going through the entire Bible has helped me get out of reading my favorite passages over and over. And now I understand my favorite passages so much better because I understand more how it all connects. By the way, now, my favorite passages are whatever I’m studying at present. Every passage is always alive and I’m learning and he deals with me so I’m not stuck in my sin.  Going through the Bible never gets old! Before this program I thought I knew the Bible. I’m delighted to say my weak points were exposed when I was encouraged to study all the way through instead of just reading. What a mighty God we serve!


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