Why Teach This to Children?

This study was developed to teach children that the Bible is not just a bunch of random stories. The idea was to help them understand that the events in the Bible are interconnected, all with a purpose.  When man sinned in the garden and broke the relationship between God and man, God revealed a promise to restore that relationship.  He promised to send One, His Son, Jesus.  Through our lessons, we learn that God kept His promise and sent His Son, Jesus to die on the cross to take away mankind’s sin – for anyone who would believe.  This allowed for the relationship to be once again restored between God and man.

I taught The Biblical Path of Life three year program to a 6-8 year old Sunday School class two times (although I am now teaching this Bible study to an adult class).  During this time, the children became more familiar with their Bibles.  They would read verses aloud in class.  Even the children who only knew a few words would read a verse with help, eventually being able to read verses on their own. We made timelines that we would refer to often, to help us see how the Bible events we were learning about related to each other.  I always tried to have some kind of coloring sheet or other type of worksheet to help them remember what was learned in class.  Bible coloring books can be a good place to find pictures to color. The internet can be a great place to find free coloring sheets. But because this study covers Bible events not usually learned in an average Bible study, there weren’t always reinforcement worksheets to help them remember.  I developed a few to help the children remember what they had learned in class.  In spite of my inadequacies, I will make them available in my future blogs for anyone who may want to use them.  You may choose to use them or find better ones that can be used.

Because the children were learning so much, the parents wanted to learn the same lessons.  This allowed them to prepare for the lesson ahead of class together.  This also gave them the opportunity to discuss what they had learned in their separate classes.  Although the learning was on very different levels, the same Bible truths were taught.

In the following blogs you will find a brief summary of each lesson along with some downloads to help if needed. My hope is that this Bible study, The Biblical Path of Life, will help people – even children – understand the Bible a little easier!

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