Why Understand the Bible?

Growing up in a Christian home is no guarantee that one understands the Bible or how to live a Christian life. Being saved as a young child, I learned many Bible stories but it wasn’t until later that I began to understand how all of these stories fit together.  My parents had a book called The New “Panorama” Bible Study Course by Alfred Thompson Eade (it can be found online at www.oakknollpublishing.com). It is a book of pictures revealing a timeline throughout Bible history.  It helped me begin to see that Jesus was planned from the beginning of time to redeem mankind because of their sin. It also helped me begin to understand how all of those “stories” were connected together.

According to most statistics, young people are growing up and leaving the church and faith in God by the droves.  The main reason can be found in the lack of knowledge and understanding of what one believes about God and why. There is a mighty gulf between the level of spiritual training in children, youth and even adults and the level one needs to live in today’s world.  Many people don’t really understand that the Bible is not just a compilation of popular Bible stories or favorite Bible passages.  Children , as well as adults, need to learn the importance of how all of the events in the Bible connect with a purpose – to reveal Jesus. And what better way to learn than to have a study simple enough for children to understand yet comprehensive enough to challenge adults. The Biblical Path of Life is meant to be that kind of a study. One thing our church did to help people as we studied the Bible using The Biblical Path of Life was to post the pictures from The New Panorama Bible Study Course Book 1 on our walls as a timeline to refer to as we traveled through the pages of Bible history.

All, especially children, are capable of learning so much more. The Biblical Path of Life is a study meant to simplify the understanding making the Bible relevant to a Christian’s life – young or old.

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