Why another Bible Study?

After attending a children’s Sunday School Leaders conference with my pastor (who is also my dad) many years ago, we were both very disappointed and discouraged by the substance of the materials that would be available to teach our children in Sunday school. We saw that the importance was no longer on learning the Bible but playing games and having fun activities.  The most important thing about Sunday School should be to learn the basics of the Bible and what it should mean to our lives.  Because of this, we decided it would be better to write our own Sunday School literature for our children.

A Sunday School program needed to be more than a compilation of stories, but a simple study revealing that each of these events all fit together as part of a bigger picture – much like pieces of a puzzle. Not only do the stories interlock, but they have a purpose: to reveal Jesus and why He came.  Although it began as a study for children, it quickly became a viable study for adults as well. This study was incorporated in my local church as a Bible Study program for Sunday School.  We used it in our children’s Sunday School time, but soon the adults requested the study in their classes.  It not only provided the opportunity for them to know what their children were learning, but they could discuss the same Bible lesson that they had learned in their individual classes. Most were encouraged by the understanding of the history. Some marveled at the Lord who fulfills His Word with complete precision and who knows our future and works all things together for the good of those who love Him and are the called to His purpose.

Because of the encouragement of many who have been through this Bible study more than once, it is now available through Lighthouse Gospel Beacon making it available to any who could use this Bible study to understand the simplicity of the Gospel message. Lighthouse Gospel Beacon has done a fantastic job of making it not only easy to use with the spiral binding, but have added beautiful pictures and graphics. The first two quarters are available now. The next two quarters are at the printers now, and they will be available soon.

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