Lesson 4: 2 Kings 3 – 9:10: Elisha

Key Verse

For ye have need of patience, that, after ye have done the will of God, ye might receive the promise. Hebrews 10:36

Key Verse Thought: After you read the Key Verse, use the following definitions to help you understand it better. 

  • patience: endurance; perseverance or constancy under suffering in faith and duty
  • will: purpose; God’s law; decree
  • promise: salvation in Christ

Does one really understand patience? Does it take patience to do something that doesn’t always make sense? For example (here are a few examples, or you may thing of some better ones!):

  • Making your bed when you’re going to sleep in it that night — it keeps your room neat and your covers straight;
  • Going to bed at a regular bedtime even though you still have work to do — keeps you from always being tired or rundown which allows you to get sick easier;
  • Eating foods that are good for you, as opposed to junk food all of the time — also keeps you healthier;
  • Submitting to your authority, even though you think you know best!

Today we will see many people who were asked to do things that didn’t necessarily make sense to them at the time. The important thing for them to learn was to do what the prophet of the Lord told them to do, obeying God’s Words. We will also see what happened for those who patiently did the will of God and see what God gave them.

Emphasis: In this lesson, we should learn to obey God’s Word, patiently, even if it seems too hard or it does not necessarily make sense to us. Be encouraged to put your faith and trust in Jesus and to live your life according to God’s Word.

Lesson Summary: In this lesson, we will continue learning the history of the nation Israel, the Northern Kingdom. Once we saw Elijah taken, we read Elisha established as the prophet of the Lord. Elisha had requested Elijah to give him a double portion of Elijah’s spirit. In this lesson, we will see that this is just what Elisha received. Not only did he have dealings with many Israelites, but we will also see that he took the Word of the Lord to the kings. His fame even spread by an Israelite maiden taken captive into the home of a captain in the Syrian army. His name was Naaman. Because he obeyed the words spoken by the prophet of the Lord, Elisha, Naaman was healed of his leprosy. Notice the many different, and even unusual things, people were asked to do, obeying the words of the prophet of the Lord. It would also be good to notice the blessings, and even the salvation from the enemies, the people received when they obeyed.

Year Two Quarter One – Lesson 4 Questions

Year Two Quarter One – Lesson 4 Children’s Worksheets

You could let your students make a coloring book of their own using pictures of Naaman, the Leper, and Elisha.

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