Stand Fast

Have you noticed that the world has changed? Did you also notice that things are not like they once were?

What is different?

Because Christians have not faithfully stood up for the truths of what the Bible teaches and the convictions that it brings, our word has changed.  It doesn’t appear that we have a voice in this world anymore.

What does the Bible tell us we must do?

“Watch ye, stand fast in the faith, quit you like men, be strong.” 1 Corinthians 16:13

We must watch – stay awake and be vigilant.  The dangers, and sin, in our world are greater than many of us can bear. We have not been awake, watching, to prevent the godlessness of this world from becoming prevalent.

Paul ended his letter to the Corinthian church with this warning.  He warned them to watch.  He told them to stand fast in the faith.  That meant he wanted them to be stationary, to persevere, in their convictions of the truth of God’s Word and the Gospel truth (their faith). They were not to compromise what God’s Word said.

Is that an easy thing to do? Paul understood that many would not know how to do that. He encouraged them by telling them to be strong – much like a man has strength, and to use that strength to stand. Christians are to muster all of the strength we have deep down, take a stand, and not be moved from our convictions of what we know God’s Word tells us to do.

Will you be one who will watch, not compromising, and stand fast in your faith?

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