Time Flies …

Time seems to pass so quickly!  I have posted ideas of things to help teach this Bible study to children for the first thirteen lessons so far. I hope these ideas are helpful or at least get your own ideas churning as to how to help children desire to know God’s Word!

The most important thing we can help children (or any student of God’s Word) to understand is just how important their Bible is.  They need to learn how to take care of them.  They should become familiar with them. They must understand the importance of reading them!  Even beginning readers should be encouraged to read God’s Word.  In the 6-8 year old class I taught, we read the Bible out loud every week (yes, even the young children!).  At first, the youngest readers were very hesitant to read.  But with a little encouragement and help, they became excited about reading their Bible.  Each week they would become a little more proficient at reading, and that fact encouraged them greatly.  No child is too young for us to begin to teach them to love the Word of God or to learn the principles found within God’s Word!

In this study, we will take 3 years to go completely through the Bible.  We began with an overview of the 5 Old Testament Divisions (the first thirteen lessons).  The next thirteen lessons we will begin the first division of the Old Testament – The Law.  We will continue to study each section, remembering many familiar Bible events (and learning a few new ones along the way!).  The idea is to see the Bible in historical order, to alleviate some of the confusion.  And at the end of each quarter, we will take out time to see Jesus in the Old Testament.  Keep in mind that we are looking at each book as an overview.  The idea is to encourage each person to go home and dig into God’s Word and learn even more!

This study was put together to make the Bible not only interesting, but applicable to everyday life.  The Bible means nothing to us if we do not apply the principles within to our lives to become more like Christ.  In order to understand how to live a Christian life pleasing to God in the world today, we must first know what His Word says.  I hope that you learn to love the Bible through these lessons!

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