Lesson 6: Twelve Historical Books: Joshua – Esther

Key Verse

“Remember therefore how thou hast received and heard, and hold fast, and repent…”  Revelation 3:3a

 Can you remember anything about what we have been studying so far?  The whole point of this study is to help us to remember the events in the Bible.  Remember is the key word.  If we don’t remember and hold fast to what we learn from God’s Word, we will never grow in Christ.  The more we learn about God’s Word, the more we want to be like Him.

In this lesson we will generally overview the 12 Historical Books.  We have already discussed the importance of learning the history in the Bible.  By learning it, we begin to understand the significance of why things happened.  God had a plan.  It is hard to understand unless you learn the Old Testament history.  While it was happening, men didn’t fully understand what that plan was, but through faith they believed.  The more we learn about the Bible, the more pieces of the puzzle we can fit together.  Each piece helps us become better students of God’s Words, helping us become better Christians.

This study ends the time frame of the Old Testament.


Optional Worksheets to be downloaded:

Lesson 6 – Volume 1 Children’s Worksheet

Lesson 6 – Volume 1 Children’s Reinforcement Worksheet

Ideas for children:

In any lesson, you may want to work on your coloring timeline – especially when it relates to the lesson.

Display the poster of the books of the Old Testament (may be downloaded from lesson 4 blog).  Review the books of History (showing them on the poster).

Reemphasize the importance of remembering this history we are studying (have them recall a few events you discussed).  You may have them draw a picture of their favorite story from the History.  Obviously all of the history is too much to grasp all at once.  These first few lessons are only to whet one’s appetite to want to learn more about God’s Word.  For now, we want to focus on the basics of the order of the Bible and understanding how it fits together. Review the 3×5 cards if you made them, practicing the divisions.  Focus on putting the books of History in order for today’s lesson.

Or, make a crown by adding peel and stick jewels to crown; staple to fit each child’s head (remind them that the people rejected God at this time and wanted a king like the nations around).  Also you could find a coloring sheet of one of the events you discussed.

Mural Idea for today:

Today, have them remember a specific time they disobeyed God’s commands.  Was there any punishment?  Did they recognize the break in fellowship with God?  Ask:  What happened when the Israelites disobeyed and turned from God?  (They were taken from their land.)

Have them make a “Wanted” poster:  “Wanted, someone who will commit to obey God’s commands.”  Have them include some qualities desired, i.e.:  honesty, kindness, loving, forgiving, committed to God and His Word, faithful in attendance to church, read their Bible faithfully, pray faithfully, tell others about Jesus … Give them a couple of examples if they have trouble.  Encourage them to come up with some of their own.


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