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Do you Understand?

Have you ever had an event happen in your life that brought great sadness? Did that same event bring confusion as to the plan God had at that time? One cannot help but remember an event from the Bible. Jesus had been crucified. The disciples, scattered. After three days, the […]

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Search the Scriptures Daily

Christians know that God’s Word is the Bible. We must also recognize the importance of using it correctly. In order to understand the correct way to use God’s Word, one must first know what it says. Each Christian should have their own personal copy of the Bible realizing the importance […]

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How to Apply God’s Word

A Christian is to understand that God’s Word is the Bible. Christians have Bibles and know they are important to have, but one cannot forget the importance of knowing what the Bible says. It was written for Christians. It is imperative that every Christian learn how to use the Bible […]

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