Lesson 5: Jesus’ Miracles: The Four Gospels

Key Verse

“Then touched he their eyes, saying, According to your faith be it unto you.”

—Matthew 9:29

Key Verse Thought: After reading the key verse, try to understand the word faith. Faith means “faith in Christ as able to work miracles, healing the sick; the means of appropriating what God in Christ has for man resulting in the transformation of man’s character and way of life – also called Christian faith.” Today we are going to learn what Jesus was able to do in the lives of the people who had faith in Him.    

Emphasis: We are to remember the compassion Jesus had for the lost world, and that he revealed the need for forgiveness of sin. Christians are to have the same compassion for the lost world, wanting to see them come to know Jesus. We are to live a Christian life, and bring our friends to meet Jesus.

Lesson Summary: In our last lesson, we learned about Jesus’ disciples (specifically the 12 apostles). They were to be Jesus’ ambassadors in this world. Jesus sent them out preaching and healing. More than that, Jesus spent time teaching and training these men.

 In this lesson, we will look at a few of the miracles of Jesus. There are too many miracles of Jesus to talk about in one lesson, so we will only look at a few: Jesus healed a leper; Four friends and a man with palsy; The man with a withered hand; The centurion’s servant; The raising from the dead of the widow’s son in Nain; Jesus stilled the tempest; Raised Jairus’ daughter and healed the woman with an issue of blood; Made two blind men to see; Jesus walked on water; A gentile woman’s daughter healed; Feeding of 4000; Jesus healed ten lepers; and Jesus gave sight to blind Bartimaeus.

As we look at some of the miracles of Jesus, notice that He did them for a reason. As we read these events, we will learn some of those reasons. Sometimes Jesus had compassion on the people. In other instances, they were to draw attention to the faith: either the presence of faith, the lack of faith, or even no faith at all. Nevertheless, in most of these instances, we will recognize the call to action – to believe, or not to believe. That decision comes from not only the person, or persons, directly involved, but also the bystanders. We will then witness the transformation of lives that had faith.

Remember: Keep in mind that these lessons will not necessarily be in a chronological order of the life of Christ. We will focus on a few of the miracles of Jesus.

Y3Q1 – Lesson 5 Questions

Y3Q1 – Lesson 5 Children’s Worksheets

If you are teaching this to younger children, the following is a craft idea. We made a coloring book of a few of Jesus’ miracles. This is to help them remember some of what was read in this lesson.

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