Lesson 13: Jesus in the Old Testament Jesus and the Cross

Key Verse

For the preaching of the cross is to them that perish foolishness; but unto us which are saved it is the power of God.

—1 Corinthians 1:18

Key Verse Thought: Read the Key Verse. Use the following definitions to help you understand the key verse:

  • preaching means to speak intelligently about the word of the cross 
  • cross means the whole passion of Christ and the merit of His sufferings and death 
  • them that perish means exposed to eternal death 
  • foolishness means foolishness or absurdity
  • saved means those who have obtained salvation through Christ and are kept by Him 
  • power means a person in whom the power of God is manifested  

In this lesson, we will see the “power of God” revealed as we look at the promise of Jesus found in Isaiah chapter fifty-three.

Emphasis: We are to recognize what Jesus did upon the cross for our sins, believe it, and then tell others what Jesus did for us and will do for them.

Lesson Summary: In this lesson, we begin with a couple of people in the New Testament who had walked and talked with Jesus, yet did not recognize Him after his resurrection – until He revealed Himself to them. We are to understand that they too, had a hard time understanding Jesus’ death. 

As we look back at Isaiah chapters fifty-two through fifty-three, we will understand the promise of Jesus that God gave to His people. We will compare those promises made in the Old Testament that Isaiah recorded with the truths revealed in the New Testament (we will only see a few in the New Testament – for there are so many!). As we read them, we too, are to understand just what Jesus had to do upon the cross because of mankind’s sin. When Jesus died upon the cross, God made salvation available to the entire world (not just the Israelites). 

We will learn that it is a choice that each person must make for himself or herself – whether or not to trust Jesus to take away our sin.  Once we understand why Jesus died upon the cross, we are to believe in Him. Then we are to share these truths to the entire world, so that they too, can know just what Jesus did for them upon the cross.

Y2Q3 – Lesson 13 Questions

Y2Q3 – Lesson 13 Children’s Worksheets

If you are teaching this lesson to younger children, the following is a craft idea to go with this lesson:

We colored this stop sign to remind us the importance of stopping and hearing what God is teaching us from His Word (the Bible).

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